The Top 15 Manliest Movies Ever Made

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What exactly makes a movie "manly”? Is it the characters? The story? The special effects? The performances? Or is it a combination of all of these elements that makes film from simply appealing to a male audience to being a raging testosterone fest? Today we will be separating the wheat from the chaff and taking a look at 15 films that can truly be defined as being the manliest films of all time.

#15 Spartacus

"Spartacus” starring Kirk Douglas (Courtesy photo)


Ah, gladiators. Is there any period in history manlier than ancient Rome? (Maybe Ancient Greece?) Directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick, Spartacus was his fourth major studio film, but many film critics considered this one his first truly great movie. The Kirk Douglas led film of the 70 BC slave uprising against the Roman Empire was grand in scope and vision, and became the archetype for all historical dramas that came after it.


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