25 Everyday Foods That Are Harming Your Body’s Health

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Many foods that we are regularly eating are serving as slow poisons and are slowly but surely harming our bodies. Many of these items are included in the daily diet of a regular individual. This is seriously deteriorating the health of the population and making them more prone to diseases. We gathered a list of 25 such slow poisons that are dangerous to your health.

#25 Agave Nectar


This nectar looks almost like honey and is used to make the alcoholic drink tequila. The nectar is also widely used as an alternative for white processed sugar. Many people believe that its use as a sweetener is healthy, but agave nectar is extremely toxic. It has abundant free fructose molecules. These fructose molecules do not appease hunger, and you continue eating. This leads to diseases like obesity and bulimia.

#24 Apples

We have all heard the phrase, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But nowadays, the case is different. This is because the fruit crops are loaded with chemical pesticides. Apples require more pesticides than many other fruits as apples are more prone to spoilage. These pesticides do not wash off or peel away easily and cause diseases.

#23 Canned Tomato Sauce

This is being widely used throughout the world for various purposes. It is used to make a vast array of sauces and spreads. However, canned tomato sauce has a high concentration of fructose as it includes corn syrup. Therefore, it acts as a hidden sugar provider and increases risks of obesity and other diseases.

#22 Carbonated Drinks

No good comes from drinking carbonated drinks and sodas. These drinks are bad for your immune system, bad for your skin, degrading for hair strength and also contain sugars that produce acid in the mouth and harm your oral health. Furthermore, they have fructose, which causes obesity and increased risk of heart diseases.

#21 Fruit Juices

Packed artificial juices are extremely degrading towards the health of an individual. They are less fulfilling than the actual fruits themselves, and that causes the individual to eat more and can become obese. Furthermore, the toxic compounds present in packed juices are extremely bad for the liver and the heart.

#20 Energy Drinks

This has become a fast-paced age of people where everyone is trying to do more in less time. The consumption of energy drinks has risen drastically over the last decade. Energy drinks cause anxiety. They also result in problems with memory and can harm sperm production and turn a male infertile.

#19 Sugar

White processed sugar is extremely bad for health. It is chemically manufactured and is also discolored using bleaching agents. This makes the sugar deteriorative towards the human body. Furthermore, a large intake of sugar can increase risks of diseases.

#18 Deli Meats

Deli meats are one of the most widely and frequently used breakfast items in the western world. These rosy meats are considered to be healthy, but the actual case is the opposite. Deli meats like ham, bologna, and salami are low fat. This means that they are packed with sodium and nitrates. These ions cause hypertension, and high blood pressure exerts the heart.

#17 Energy Bars

Energy bars taste good and are used both by people who go to the gym and people who do not. As delicious as they taste, however, one must be careful about what energy bar he or she is eating. Some low-quality energy bars are packed with sugar, specifically fructose derived from corn syrup. This leads the individual to eat more and to get obese.

#16 Margarine

Many people think that margarine is a healthy and appropriate alternative for butter, but they are mistaken. Margarine is easily one of the unhealthiest foods on this list. Margarine is not made naturally but is made of trans fat carriers from the fats of various animals. These trans fats cause diseases. Therefore, a person should stick to plain old butter and stay healthy!

#15 Vegetable Oil

Although vegetable oils are being used abundantly worldwide in culinary cuisine, it is still extremely harmful to health. This is because the vegetable oils that are refined and thus contain free radicals that boost the damaging hydrolytic reactions in the body. It also contains trans fats inside it, whose consumption increases the risk of Alzheimer’s, obesity and heart disease.

#14 Potato Chips

All fried food is bad for health. Potato chips have become the staple food for students nowadays. These chips contain a compound known as acrylamide. This compound causes a lot of diseases as it is a carcinogen. It increases the risk of many types of cancer and makes the body weaker.


#13 Pizza

Pizza has become a daily intake of people, especially teenagers living in this century. Pizza contains many harmful sugars in the dough. This sugar harms the skin and also shuts down the liver. The toppings on pizza are too fattening and thus can cause many problems.

#12 Buttered Popcorn

Most of the times, the popcorn is “buttered” using margarine. This contains a large amount of trans-fats as well as carriers for trans-fats that harm the memory. These fats can also result in binge eating and cause bulimia. The popcorn also contains extra fats that lead you to obesity and heart problems.

#11 Ice Cream

Ice creams are delicious. More often than not, we find ourselves craving for the creamy sweet treat. But what we do not know and choose to ignore is that ice creams are packed with sugars that deteriorate the immune system and also increases the adipose and fat content of the body.

#10 Artificial Sweeteners

Many people believe that artificial sweeteners are better and healthier than processed sugar. This is wrong as it is merely, choosing one evil over the other. Artificial sweeteners contain aspartame. Aspartame is a carcinogen and causes cancer. Thus artificial sweeteners need to be avoided.

#9 Bottled Salad Dressings

There is nothing more frustrating than watching someone destroy a fresh bowl of leafy green vegetables by pouring a bottle of store bought dressing. These bottled dressings are rich in artificial food coloring as well as sugars. It is also rich in fructose derived from corn syrup. This deteriorates the health of an individual.

#8 Whole Milk

Whole milk is considered to be healthy and eaten over breakfast. However, it is ironic as to how one of the unhealthiest things on this list, is included in most breakfasts throughout the world. Whole milk consists of many fats and sugars that increase blood pressure and the risk of developing heart diseases.

#7 Barbecue

Even though barbeque is delicious and is considered an exquisite treat but it is extremely harmful to health. The coal it is cooked on pumps the meat full of carcinogens that increases the rate of different cancers. Furthermore, the meat itself increases the risk of heart diseases.

#6 Salt

Salt in moderation can be extremely helpful in keeping the blood pressure regulated and controlling hypertension. However, if salt is used in excess, it pumps the body full of sodium which not only disrupts the nervous system and creates palpitations, it also increases blood pressure and over-exerts the heart.

#5 Bacon

Bacon is also widely used as a breakfast item. These days, it is also put into burgers and even into pasta dishes. There is hardly anything nutritious that bacon has to offer. It is basically sticks of fat that are deep-fried and then eaten. The oils, as well as the fat content, deteriorate health.

#4 Donuts

These round treats are a favorite of many people and are consumed almost regularly by a multitude of people. They are, however, extremely fattening as well as heavy. Donuts make a person lethargic because of how filling they are. They are also calorie rich and causes obesity and heart problems.

#3 Cereals

These are also harmful, and just like quite a few of the items listed above, it is regularly eaten in the form of breakfast throughout the world. Artificial cereals are “fortified.” This means that they are stripped of their natural nutrients and then loaded with artificial ones. These artificial nutrients do not work all that well inside the human body. Furthermore, the sugar content in cereals is sky-high.

#2 Monosodium Glutamate

Monosodium glutamate, also known as MSG is famous all round the world for being a prime flavoring agent used in Chinese cuisine. Apart from Chinese cuisine, it is being used in many of the foods we are eating daily too. These include canned soups and sauces, instant noodles, salad dressings, frozen dinners and many more. The prolonged intake of MSG can cause Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

#1 Alcohol


Alcohol has no health benefits whatsoever. Contrary to that, it is harmful to the human body such that it harms the liver functioning. It also dries out the mouth from saliva, and the salivary action on the food is disrupted. It causes dehydration and also makes a person more prone to mental diseases.

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