10 Most Fuel Efficient Cars On Road

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Having a car of their own is a dream of almost every family. Who wouldn’t love exploring their favorite places and going about picnicking in their own car? But, buying a car in today’s world is a real challenge for their maintenance is often too high and, not to mention, the soaring prices of fuel. We all know that the prices of fuel have been touching the skies, also making it challenging for car manufacturers to come up with stylish and attractive models that are also fuel-efficient at the same time. Gone are the days when people simply gave importance to the model and look of a car; they are now more interested in having one that is low on maintenance and also fuel-efficient. So, if you are in search of that perfect car for your family that wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket with your fuel requirement, here is our exclusive list of the most fuel-efficient cars on road!

10. Chevrolet Sprint – 48 Combined MPG


Via toplowridersites.com

The Chevrolet Sprint, a model of 1986 that you won’t quite possibly see on the road today, is among the most fuel-efficient cars on the road in the history of automobiles. This simple and compact family car is not as stylish as many other cars by Chevrolet till date, but it is an ideal choice for those who prefer buying a fuel-efficient car rather than a stylish one. The Chevrolet Sprint has been particularly popular due to its awesome fuel efficiency; it can help you travel 44 miles across the city in a single gallon of fuel. Isn’t that absolutely cheap?

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