We Can Barely Recognize These Celebs After Their Incredible Weightloss Transformations!

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Trying to maintain a lean body or keeping your weight in check for several people is a big struggle. This is including celebrities. If anything, it could be a major source of stress on celebrities and other famous people since they are consistently in the public eye. They are always being judged and scrutinized either silently or in public. In most cases, people look up to them for different reasons including how they look. However, there are many other reasons why celebrities lose weight or even add some pounds to their bodies. You will get to see and understand that more from this list. That said, prepare yourself for a big shock when you get to number 13 and see this star’s amazing change.

1. Chris Pratt


Chris Pratt first captured our dear hearts playing the role of Andrew Dwyer, a carefree and dumb guy on NBC’s sitcom called Parks and Recreation. That said, it was when he was cast into the Marvel Universe that it became inevitable for him to transform into a totally different character. He played the badass, well-built superhero, Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. If you saw him today, you’d find it hard to imagine him as the loveable chubster from his days on the sitcom, considering how super suave he is today.

2. Alec Baldwin

Source: homenal.com

Alec Baldwin has been in the showbiz industry for years. Despite that, he looks almost as young as he did when he first stepped into the spotlight. His physique has certainly changed overtime, not just because of being in Hollywood but also because at some point, he was diagnosed with prediabetes. Due to this diagnosis, he had to lose over 30 pounds. Regardless of what warranted his weightloss, we’re certainly glad to see him in shape after so many years of him being overweight.

3. Mariah Carey

Source: bedtimez.com

A lot of people say Mariah Carey is an absolute diva sometimes. However, with how amazing she is and the success she’s had in her career, she deserves to be one don’t you think? She’s been singing her heart and soul for about 30 years, touching fans all around the world. It’s great that despite her many years in the industry, she seems to have no plans of slowing down. A few years ago, she was definitely a bit larger with quite a wide figure. However, she managed to shed over 70 pounds and got to a healthy weight. Having her twins may have taken a toll on her figure but it’s also for the sake of her twins that she decided to slim down.

4. Rebel Wilson

Source: insider.com

Rebel Wilson is famous for playing the role of Penelope Garcia in the CBS hit drama Criminal Minds. At some point, Rebel decided that the extra weight she had on her was not doing her any good. Her lack of self-confidence owing to her weight is what pushed her to seek professional help. She went through a rigorous weight-loss program that helped her to a great extent. Thanks to this, her transformation has left her almost unrecognizable from her previous self.

5. Oprah Winfrey

Source: pinterest.com

Oprah Winfrey has been a household name for years and with her immense success in the media, you wouldn’t think critics would get to her, would you? After all, being a mogul means she has enough money and power to shut anyone up. However, she decided to take advice from the public and buckle down. She got into a program to help transform herself into the slim queen she is today. A lot of people admire her even more because of the tenacity she showed in the process of achieving her healthy weight.

6. Honey Boo Boo

Source: pinterest.com

We’ll be talking a bit about her celebrity mother in just a minute. Before that, let’s discuss Honey Boo Boo, the famous child. For so many years Honey Boo Boo was the subject of ridicule because of her weight. People would direct so many body-shaming jokes towards her. This was undoubtedly too much considering she was just a child. That said, Honey Boo Boo did not deal with the criticism so well. It was right after she saw her mother drop close to 300 pounds that Honey Boo Boo was convinced that she needed to cut some weight too.

7. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

Source: instagram.com

Love her or hate her, Nicole Polizzi is a fascinating person. This Jersey Shore star was a fan favorite on the reality TV series. As a result, she also became such an Instagram success, garnering over 13.5 million followers. After having a baby back in 2012, she decided to slim to her original weight, a move that saw her drop 100 pounds. Today, she looks better than ever and fans love it.

8. Graham Elliot

Source: instagram.com

It’s often said that you should never trust a skinny chef, right? Well, that is not the case every time or at least it doesn’t hold for celebrity chef Graham Eliot. He is one of the hosts of MasterChef, an American TV series. He left viewers in utter disbelief and amazement after transforming from being very obese to showing up 150 pounds lighter. Back in 2013, Graham underwent weight-reduction surgery. However, he maintains his weight by exercising regularly, especially by jogging.

9. Kaley Cuoco

If you were a fan of The Big Bang Theory then you definitely know Kaley Cuoco. What you may not know though is that she’s really not the biggest fan of dieting. Not only that, she also dreads working out. However, she admits to having had weight issues in the past but her personal trainer has always helped her with this. It’s funny though that despite hating exercising, she loves to work her abs with a squat ball.

10. Mama June

Source: abcnews.go.com

As promised, it’s now time to talk about Honey Boo Boo’s mom, Mama June. When you look at her today, the first thing you notice is just how big a change she’s made from her days as the matriarch of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. She decided to work towards her transformation right after taking her daughter Honey Boo Boo out of the reality show as a result of the constant bullying from viewers. She finally got time for herself and it certainly paid off. She went into a workout program and that combined with a healthy diet saw her drop about 150 pounds.

11. Wendy Williams

Source: starcasm.com

Wendy Williams was a well-known radio personality before she got into TV. She was overweight for quite some time but with the help of professional trainers, she managed to drop about 50 pounds. Speaking during an interview, Wendy said that the decision to get into shape was because she realized it was necessary in order to avoid getting heart disease. She’d had weight issues even earlier in her life, revealing that her first diet was when she was in the first grade. For this, all Wendy ate was tuna and mustard for lunch.

12. Khloe Kardashian

Source: reddit.com

Khloe Kardashian is Kim Kardashian’s younger sister. She’s had her fair share of weight issues and their public lifestyle certainly did not make things easy for them. For years, she had to deal with negative comments from people, comments about her weight. She was often called the “fat sister,” something she did not like at all. She got to a point where she decided to shift her lifestyle in order to get into shape. It’s a move that led to her dropping a good 50 pounds. Even after giving birth to her daughter True, Khloe vowed to get back in shape and she definitely did. She admits that losing her baby weight sky-rocketed her confidence.

13. Christian Bale

Source: insider.com

If you asked anyone what Christian Bale’s weight is, you will most likely not get an answer. The reason is that he has gone through so many transformations throughout his life, so much so that everyone has a different image of him. When he played Batman, he had chiseled abs but in The Fighter, he dropped over 100 pounds of muscle. This weight loss was to convince the viewers of his character, a drug addict. In Vince, he ate so much to gain all the weight he needed in order to play Dick Cheyney.

14. Zach Galifianakis

Source: pepole.com

For a long time, Zach was a pretty big guy. As such, his weight became the butt of several jokes on The Hangover and Between Two Ferns. However, Zach decided to quit drinking for good in 2014. This was the beginning of his transformation. While talking to Team Coco, Zach revealed that the reason he decided to stop drinking was a nasty run-in he had with some jerks that were driving a jaguar. It made him make some drastic changes in his life. He since lost 50 pounds.

15. Jonah Hill

Source: pinterest.com


Jona Hill who starred in Superbad started his career as an overweight guy. This was mostly to compliment his art, comedy. Ever since he landed the role of Seth back in 2007, Jonah has had an up-and-down relationship with weightloss, often coming back even heavier after dropping 30 pounds. In 2011, he decided to change his life completely. He dropped about 50 pounds because he wanted people to see him as both a serious and responsible adult.

16. Celine Dion


Celine Dion is one of the living legends when it comes to music. She’s been in the industry for decades and her captivating singing voice just never gets old. She is responsible for giving the world that beautiful titanic theme song, “My Heart Will Go On.” Unfortunately, in 2016, Celine lost her life partner. Ever since, she has been struggling with her weight. Her somewhat skeletal figure has shocked a lot of her audiences. Luckily, the 51-year old has been getting better but still has some serious issues to get past. All her fans can do is pray for her.

17. 50 Cent

Source: reddit.com

Curtis Jackson, famously known as 50 Cent first rose into fame after being recruited by Em and Dr. Dre at the turn of the century. When he first got into the music industry, he was quite an intimidating figure in the business because of both his lyrics, which were quite controversial and his physique. In the year 2011, 50 Cent dropped a tremendous amount of weight to play his character of a cancer patient in All Things Fall Apart. Sadly, this film didn’t do well in the box office.

18. Christina Aguilera

When Christina Aguilera was pregnant with her second child, she gained a significant amount of weight. However, once she gave birth, she did her best to drop 30 pounds. This was the excess baby weight. She says she loves her body regardless of the size of pants she wears, however, she was very happy to lose all that weight and get slimmer ahead of the next season of the voice.

19. John Goodman

Source: nypost.com

It’s not easy to imagine John Goodman as a thin man. After all, he was a huge father in the ABC sitcom Rosanne. His large physique was both intimidating and endearing at the same time. Throughout his life, John was notorious for overindulgence in junk food. He admitted it himself but decided to stay away from that. He lost 100 pounds by completely staying away from both alcohol and fatty foods. Between 2007 and 2010 alone, he lost 100 pounds.

20. Rick Ross

Source: instagram.com

Back in 2011, Rick Ross suffered two seizures in just less than 24 hours. This became a wakeup call for the rapper. He realized that he needed to get his life in order. Within just seven months, Rick Ross who previously weighed 300 pounds dropped down 100 pounds. This was thanks to an intense workout plan that was created for him by professional trainers.

21. Russell Crowe

Source: reddit.com

Russel Crowe once made a statement about him feeling grossed out about the thought of being overweight. This was back in his days in Gladiator. During these days Russel was chiseled like a rock. However, as he grew older, he gained more weight. Russel is also known to take his work very seriously so he’s had to gain and lose weight every now and then for different roles he’s played. He has recently dropped over 50 pounds thanks to exercising regularly and careful dieting.

22. Rob Kardashian

Source: youtube.com

At the start of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians show, Rob wasn’t a hefty guy. However, he did express that he felt self-conscious about being a bit flabby. He had a short stint in Dancing with the stars which might have helped him keep his weight in check for a short while. Later on, he continued to gain even more weight, something that took a toll on his self confidence. However, after that, he vowed to get into a fitness program that would help him lose more weight.

23. Hilary Duff

Source: reddit.com

Hillary Duff has over the years had a lot on her plate being both a single mother and an active Hollywood star. We mean this both figuratively and literally as the latter led to her weight gain. That said, most of her weight gain came from her pregnancy with baby Luca. After giving birth, she did her best to stay active and managed to lose 10 pounds over a very short period of time. Today, Hillary Duff undoubtedly looks better and finer than ever.

24. Jason Segel

Source: reddit.com

Jason Segel is mostly known for playing Marshal on CBS sitcom, How I met Your Mother. He’s a towering figure at 6- foot-4-inches. According to him, he was asked to shed some weight in order to play the role of Tom Solomon in The Five-Year Engagement. This was not easy for him but he managed to drop 35 pounds thanks to a low-carb diet and lots of exercise.

25. Dr. Dre

Source: pinterest.com

Dr. Dre was such an intimidating person during the golden age of rap. Thanks to his association with the likes of Death Row Records and NWA. He was quite a huge guy during his prime years in the music business. This was the case up until 2011 when he decided he didn’t want to be that 50 year old who weighed over 250 pounds. He decided to hit the gym and lost 50 pounds. Today, he can show off his upper body muscle that would make even someone such as 50 Cent who is at his prime jealous.

26. Kevin Federline

Source: reddit.com

Aside from being one joke of a rapper, Kevin Federline is known to be Britney Spears’ ex husband. . During his years in the limelight, he managed to maintain a nice chiseled body. However, today, that figure is no more. He’s gone up several pant sizes. He also now has a double chin and even went further to sign up for VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club just to work on the dad bod he currently pots.

27. Ricky Gervais

Source: imgur.com

Ricky Gervais is a clever English comedian quite popular for speaking his mind. He unapologetically says his truth regardless of how hard it will be taken or how bitter his words may sound. That right there is what makes him such an adored Hollywood star. He decided to go on weightloss journey because he no longer wanted to spot a beer belly. He got into a fitness program with help from professional trainers and his lifelong partner Jane Fallon. With their support, he managed to lose 40 pounds.

28. Sam Smith

Source: mic.com

Sam Smith was not a chubby guy when he first got into Hollywood. The four-time Grammy award winner however felt deep within himself that if he dropped some weight he would be a much happier person. A lot of his close friends can attest to the fact that since his belly shrank and his jaw line became more apparent, he has transformed into a much happier person.

29. Drew Barrymore

Source: everydayyoung.com

Drew Barrymore is a sizzling star who’s had so many ups and downs throughout her career in Hollywood when it comes to weight. Ever since she portrayed Sheila Hammond on Netflix’s Santa Carlita Diet, she has been on a strict protein-rich diet that has helped her shed 43 pounds. She now spots a fabulous body and has returned to her Charlie’s Angels weight. Fans can’t get enough of how she looks now.

30. Tyra Banks


Source: everydayyoung.com

Tyra Banks once said that being the most famous superstar in the world is not the easiest thing. First of all, it’s hard to speak about the modeling world without mentioning Tyra. She managed to make quite a name for herself during the years within which she graced runways for top designers across the globe and also magazines. However, this reputation means she always has to be camera ready and that her body weight always has to be in check. In the past, Tyra gained a significant amount of weight that got so many people talking considering her modeling background. However, with proper dieting, professional guidance on exercising and moral support from her family and friends, Tyra has managed to go back to her slimmer self.

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