The Coolest Extreme Sports for Men

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#2 Rafting



Feel the wind on your face, the unpredictable waves splashing and lapping around you, and the thrill of the speed as you course down a raging river on an inflatable raft! Rafting can be as tame or intense as the roughness of the water. White water rafting is done over water which is considerably rough and feisty and is best-described as an exhilarating splash into the wilderness. Rafting throws participants together, needing to work as a coordinated team, in order to navigate the waters. This breath-taking experience is set against a backdrop of an often spectacular natural environment, worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the grey, drab city life. The forcefulness of the water will determine the level of skill required for participants to maneuverer the waves. Beginners can opt to bob along tamer waters, where they can enjoy the scenic route, taking the time to immerse themselves in the natural environment.

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