The Coolest Extreme Sports for Men

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Whether it’s the boredom of the daily grind which is getting to you, the feeling of being stuck in a rut or the need to find out what mettle you’re made of, we’ve got a line-up of extreme sports to get your blood pumping and help you shake things up! For some extra fun take an adventure-loving buddy with you or center your vacation round one of these extreme sports. Either way, you’ll make memories to treasure. And if you’re into photography, make sure that you take your GoPro with you, for the ultimate extreme sport selfie! Interesting and challenging as they may be, these activities will get you to push your will and your body to the limit. These extreme sports are not to be entered into lightly and may require some amount of physical fitness. While a more sensible and calculated risk-taking approach would be preferable, making use of the appropriate safety equipment and engaging licensed and experienced operators are a must.

#1 Cave diving



Take scuba diving to a whole new level with cave diving; underwater diving in water-filled caves. Due to the nature of the lack of free water surface, the particular equipment used and also diving techniques (including decompression) this is considered technical diving. Over and above the physical exertion required for regular scuba diving, cave diving includes the additional challenge of navigating complex cave systems, which frequently have low visibility and which may contain strong currents. This activity requires considerable scuba diving experience, in addition to specialized training and costly equipment, however, its reward for divers is the authentic experience of inhabiting the underworld of the deep blue sea! Popular cave diving holiday destinations include Florida, Mexico, Australia, Sardinia, Brazil, Egypt, France and the Maltese Islands.

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