Top 10 Movie MILFs of All Time

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We have identified the top 10 sultry screen sirens who just leave a deep, lasting impression on their viewers. In their screen roles, they all play the roles of mothers, the kind of MILFs that naughty dreams are made of. You wouldn’t tell from their looks, but many of them are all also moms in their off-screen lives. Beautiful, smart and resilient, here are 10 women who managed to enhance their individual brand of pure seductive femininity through real or on-screen motherhood.

#10 Eva Mendes – Training Day (2001)



In her breakthrough role in 2001’s Training Day, Eva plays Sara on-screen mistress to Denzel Washington’s corrupt cop Alonzo’s Salvadoran, with whom her character also shares a son. Washington was rewarded for stepping out of his typecast by taking on this anti-hero role with an Academy Award. He also had the pleasure of viewing Eva Mendes naked in one of the steamier scenes of the film. After dating her The Place Beyond the Pines co-star Ryan Gosling for two years, Mendes gave birth to their daughter Esmeralda Amanda, in September 2014.

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