10 Best Destinations With The Clearest Waters For Swimming Lovers

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We all wish that the season of vacationing and picnicking should never come to an end! Practically everyone in the world loves picnicking and spending an awesome time with their friends and family to make their weekends of vacations memorable forever. And, in order to help you create countless memories and enjoy their stay away from the busy life of the cities, here is our exclusive list of the best water bodies around the world that would give you a divine swimming experience.

The calmness of a river, the beauty of a blue sea or the mesmerizing view of an island is surely what people desire these days. Rather than visiting resorts, these are places that can actually give goosebumps to a real travel lover. And, if you love swimming or diving in the water, then these places are simply for you! Go, pack your bags right away and set out on a breathtaking expedition to get drenched in the clearest waters across the world!

10. Linapacan Island, Palawan – Philippines


Via: www.privateislandsmag.com

Who does not love islands? Islands are beautiful and serene; they are also quiet and away from all the hassle of the cities that can surely put one’s mind and soul to peace. The Linapacan Island in the province of Palawan in the Philippines is one such island that is a must visit for all the swimming lovers in the world. This beautiful island is best known for its crystal clear blue waters and white sand which complement each other perfectly. Inhabiting about 14000 people, the island is mesmerizing and simply and awesome getaway.

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