10 Awesome Gadgets to Have

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Without a doubt, there have been a number of fantastic gadgets in 2015 and there is something for pretty much everyone. Below is a list of the top ten gadgets that everyone should have. They include ones that can be a literal life-saver as well as ones that take convenience to a whole new level. Some include durable speakers, unique cases and keyboards that raise the bar on convenience.

#10 Livescribe Echo Smartpen


Livescribe – uncrate.com

This pen not only records audio, it also records whatever the user writes and even draws. This translates to almost two hours of full audio, or 32,000 pages of written text. When used with a Livescribe notebook, a college and high school student can easily compile notes without the distraction of a laptop or tablet. This is perfect for the classrooms that don’t allow the use of electronics. Best of all, it allows the user to quickly transfer their notes to a computer or laptop.

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